About Studio Nichoël

With a name like Nichoël, you can't help but be unique!

My work is guided by my passions for learning new techniques and new materials. I love pieces that are one-of-a-kind, pieces that can be conversation starters and mood lifters. My natural curiosity drives me to learn new ways to pursue my craft and think differently about the materials at hand. I'm always experimenting... always improving.


Thank you for visiting Studio Nichoël. 

My studio was born from over two decades of Jewelry making as both a hobbyist and professional. The love of beading and creative jewelry began in the 1990's, and truly came about by happy accident. It's one of those few accidents I've felt fortunate to have had! It began as the simple pleasure of creating a piece or two to suit my own tastes to garnering a collection that became so large I began selling pieces off my body. I began to be invited to craft and air fairs as well as to sell to boutiques. From there, after hearing "Where is YOUR store located" a number of times, I thought "Yeah... where IS my store!?!!"

To make a long story short, I owned and operated a bead and jewelry supply store in Upstate New York for 5 years before moving to Southern California in 2008. This first professional endeavor was called All Wired & Bead-Dazzled. At the time, I primarily concentrated on traditional strung jewelry as well as wire work. With much interest from my customers, I began teaching glasses to spread my love of jewelry making as well as hosted parties after hours for children, adults.

From those more narrow beginnings years ago, I have now expanded my repertoire to include:

  • Glasswork: Stained Glass, Glass fusing and Lampworking (Glass beads made by torch)
  • Stamping
  • Resin

...And I'm always learning new techniques, methods and materials to expand what I can create!

Please enjoy my work...

Nichoël Adams Dean

Studio Nichoël

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